Empower your grandparents. Be always there for them with the ibilight.

The ibilight invites you into the home of your grandparent. They keep the light, you use the app. The simplest way to reduce loneliness, developed to accommodate to the needs of both young and old.


The best features to show that you care

The ibilight in combination with the app provides both you and your grandparents with the best experience to fight loneliness together.

Switch the light on from anywhere in the world

The ibilight is a lamp that can only be turned on by you through the app. Your grandparents will be happy to see that you thought about them!

Intuitive interaction to create your own language

To avoid complex interfaces, your grandparents can reach out to you by just touching the ibilight. This will send a notification to your phone. You decide what the touch means, creating your own language.

Become part of each others routine

When your grandparents are lonely, they often forget to go to sleep or eat on time. Set routines for the ibilight to make your grandparents part of your day and help them stay on track!

The features maximise convenience for you while addressing typical difficulties caused by loneliness. You and your grandparents will love it!



The ibilight was developed with more than 100 older adults and geriatric experts to address common causes and effects of loneliness.

In collaboration with The University of Twente, De Twentsche Courant Tubantia & National Foundation for Elderly NL

Reduce loneliness through empowerment

The ibilight empowers your grandparents to overcome loneliness. They are the ones who need to take action, and they do so by responding to your signals. It is the first step to enhance their confidence and become socially active.

Maintaining independence and safety

Rather than feeling monitored, your grandparent maintains full independence with the ibilight. You can check in on them in the most subtle way, waiting for them to send you a notification to understand everything is fine.

Improving health and establishing routine

Often, loneliness causes loss of routine and unhealthy habits. This has fatal effects on health, such as cognitive decline. By turning on the ibilight, you establish a common routine with your grandparent and become part of each other's day. This helps them to live happier and healthier.

Your grandparents do not need much but your love and support. This will not only bring you closer but also allow them to live a healthier and happier life.

The Team

A team with a vision

Driven by the love to our grandparents and the urge to make positive societal impact!

Sefora Tunc

Founder | Designer

Johan Tunc

Content Creator

Jan Kaup

Creative Director
How the ibilight solves late-life loneliness
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Sefora Tunc
Founder | Designer

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    ABout ibilight

    The ibilight is currently still in development. This means that you can still help us shape it and create impact together with us! 


    You can reach me via sefora(at)ibilight.de to ask questions or provide me with feedback. Thank you so much!

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