Be always there for your grandparents

ibilight: a lamp that represents a social presence

Reducing feelings of loneliness.

Enhancing their confidence.

Feeling loved with a single click.

the challenge

Watch the Video to learn more about the challenge and how the ibilight works.

Loneliness amongst older adults is at an all-time high and Covid-19 does not make it easier. 

how it works

Connect with your parents. Be present in their lives with the ibilight. They interact with the lamp, you interact through an app.

The ibilight invites you into the home of the older adult in a low-threshold manner. It does not intend to be a prominent piece of furniture but a subtle support-system. It is a stepping stone to naturally form a deeper bond with each other. For maximum flexibility and ease of use, you control it with an app that allows you to turn it on and off at specific times of the day – or when you feel like it.

When your parent touches the light, you receive a notification on your phone. You decide what it means, e.g. in the evening it could be „good night“ or touching it twice could mean „call me if you have time“. It does not require any words to show each other that you care.

what makes it special

The ibilight has been developed with more than 100 older adults and geriatric experts. Its design features special functions tailored to the needs of lonely older adults and their loved ones.

With the ibilight, the loved one is always present and only one touch away. Compared to now, older adults are more inclined to reach out in times of distress, because it does not feel like they are disturbing their familiy. The simplicity of sending a message through touch does not require a long thought-process in comparison to writing a message or making a call.

Loneliness is highly connected to experiencing major losses. These often lead to a loss of a healthy routine, promoting malnutrition, lack of physical activity, and lack of sufficient sleep. To restore healthy habits, the ibilight allows the older adult to become part of the routine of the loved one improving their living quality. They can signal when they go to sleep by turning the light off, or send signals when it is time to eat.

The ibilight does not replace social contact. It provides older adults with the confidence to take the initiative to overcome loneliness. They understand that they are cared for and loved. They understand that their calls are being appreciated. It boosts their confidence and they feel more comfortable initiating social interaction with their loved ones, but also outside of this circle.

Hi, I'm Sefora

The designer of ibilight

Still got questions?

My name is Sefora Tunc and I am currently a PhD student researching loneliness amongst older adults at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. I developed the ibilight during my Master Thesis (2020) and I have been working hard since to bring it to the market.

This is why I need your input – to know whether the ibilight can make an impact in a family’s life.

The ibilight is specifically designed to accomodate to the needs of both young and old. While not requiring any technological literacy of the older adult, it uses a simple app on the side of the younger family member.

This allows them to stay in touch in the easiest way possible. No words needed, only a little light that shows that they care. A low-maintenance way to stay connected on a day-to-day basis.

We are currently working hard on realising and testing a second high-fidelity prototype. If all goes well, we hope to release the first batch before christmas this year.

Fingers crossed!

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    ABout ibilight

    The ibilight is currently still in development. This means that you can still help us shape it and create impact together with us! 


    You can reach me via sefora(at)ibilight.de to ask questions or provide me with feedback. Thank you so much!

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